The Xiaomi 14T Pro is listed in the IMEI database; it might be a Redmi K70 Ultra rebranded device

HIGHLIGHTS of the Xiaomi 14T Pro:

  • The Xiaomi 14T Pro model number 2407FPN8EG first surfaced in the IMEI database.
  • The Redmi K70 Ultra-related model number “2407FRK8EC” will be used for the Chinese version.
  • The Redmi K70 Ultra may be rebranded as the Xiaomi 14T Pro.

The 14 series was released worldwide and is getting ready to make its Indian debut on March 7th, tomorrow. The phones come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC and keep their Leica cameras. The Xiaomi 14T series, which may include the Xiaomi 14T Pro, appears to be in development at this time. These will take the place of the Xiaomi 13T family and may offer some significant upgrades. The Xiaomi 14T Pro may be a rebranded Redmi K70 Ultra, according to leaked information about its characteristics that has surfaced online.

 Xiaomi 14T Pro is being developed:

  • The model numbers for the worldwide and Japanese versions of the 14T Pro are 2407FPN8EG and 2407FPN8ER, respectively, in the IMEI database.
  • According to GSMChina, the listing indicates that the phone will go on sale in other countries, including Japan.
  • The Redmi K70 Ultra-related model number “2407FRK8EC” will be used for the Chinese version.
  • The two models may differ significantly in a few areas, such as hardware specifications.

The codename “Rothko” may refer to the  14T Pro. Remarkably, the Redmi K70 Ultra does as well. The phone will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC with Mali-G720 Immortalis MP12 GPU, albeit not much more is known about it. Based on TSMC’s 4nm technology, the chipset has four Cortex-A720 cores operating at 2.0GHz, three Cortex-X4 cores operating at 2.85GHz, and one Cortex-X4 core operating at 3.25GHz.

The phone is also expected to have a 5,000mAh battery and enable 120W fast charging. A 1TB UFS 4.0 drive and 24GB LPDDR5T RAM could be used with this chipset. Although the display’s specs are unknown, it might have a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

The Redmi K70 Ultra is anticipated to launch in August of this year. This suggests that the  14T Pro may be released soon after.

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