In DXOMARK’s rating of premium phones with cameras, Xiaomi 14 takes third place.

HIGHLIGHTS of the DXOMARK’s camera ranking:

  • In terms of premium device camera rankings, Xiaomi 14 came in third.
  • The phone received a 133-point rating for display quality from DXOMARK.
  • On March 7, the Xiaomi 14 is scheduled to go on sale in India.

The Xiaomi 14 is scheduled to debut on March 7th in India this week. Before its release, it is ranked third among premium phones in terms of camera quality by the independent French benchmarking website DXOMark. Considering that Xiaomi and Leica collaborated on camera technology and that Leica is known for producing high-quality lenses, this is not surprising. Additionally included are the audio and display

Xiaomi 14 DXOMARK Camera rating:

  • With a score of 138 points, the Xiaomi 14 was ranked third in DXOMARK’s camera ranking for premium devices ($600-800, or around Rs 49,738-Rs 66,317).
  • Thanks to technological advancements such as a larger sensor and a wider aperture, the device offers far better image and video quality than its predecessor.
  • According to the test, it does exceptionally well at balancing texture and noise, producing detailed images with little noise that are best suited for landscapes.
  • However, problems like low contrast and overexposure might influence color accuracy in outdoor portraiture.
  • Remarkable zoom capabilities are backed by a 50MP sensor that captures beautiful textures in distant images, according to DXOMARK.
  • With improved video features, you can now enjoy precise exposure and a broad dynamic range under different lighting scenarios. However, autofocus steadiness when panning scenes is still a small worry. 
  • Video quality is marginally worse than competitors in low light because of audible noise and sporadic skin tone rendering errors.
  • With 133 points in DXOMARK’s display evaluation, the Xiaomi 14 comes in at number nine in the premium display ranking.
  • While the Xiaomi 14’s display performance guarantees a seamless experience for all activities, it is not as good as the Xiaomi 13 in certain areas.
  • DXOMARK tests reveal inconsistent brightness and color consistency on the panel, while readability stays constant. 
  • When watching HDR material, the screen can reach a peak brightness of 2740 nits, although it could not stay at that level in all lighting situations, which could impair sight in strong light.
  • The benchmarking site’s test found that aliasing is apparent during gaming sessions, which may affect users’ visual experiences.
  • With a score of 135 points in DXOMARK’s audio rating, the Xiaomi 14 comes in at number 12 in the premium audio ranking.
  • The integrated speakers provide decent dynamics and timbre, but their low-end response is lacking, and there is sometimes distortion when playing at full power.
  • According to the test, gaming playback provides the finest experience, while music and movie playback perform comparably.
  • Although timbre and dynamics are a problem for the Xiaomi 14, audio zoom and wind noise reduction are strong points.
  • Voice memos record clearly; recordings made with the primary and selfie cameras are not as good.

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