The MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC-powered Vivo Pad 3 Pro and TWS 4 earbuds have been announced

HIGHLIGHTS of the Vivo Pad 3 Pro and TWS 4 earbuds:

  • Vivo Pad 3 Pro and Vivo TWS 4 earbuds are officially available on
  • The tablet is powered by  MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC a 3.1K eye-protecting display and a refresh rate of 144HZ
  • The first acoustic diaphragm made of ceramic tungsten is found in the TWS 4.

In China, on the Vivo Pad 3 Pro and Vivo TWS 4 earbuds are launched. The tablet is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC and a 3.1K eye-protecting display which offers a refresh rate of 144HZ. other side first acoustic diaphragm made of ceramic tungsten is found in the TWS 4.

Vivo has not released the price of products yet only specifications and features are out check out the complete details.

specifications of  the Vivo Tab 3 Pro:

  • Display: The Pad 3 Pro(via) has a 13-inch 3.1K eye-protecting display that offers a 144HZ refresh rate. and narrow bezels.
  • Processor: The pad is powered with MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC.
  • OS: The tablet runs on  OriginOS 4 custom skin out of the box.
  • Battery: The tablet has an 11,500 battery capacity which offers 44W or 66W fast charging.
  • Others: An eight-speaker panoramic audio system, text transcription and voice recognition, atomic note management, communication sharing, an integrated Vivo office suite, and multi-device connectivity are all features of the tablet.
  • The Pad 3 Pro has scored 2223 in the single-core round and 7547 scores in the multi-core round.

Vivo TWS 4 earbuds

The first-ever ceramic tungsten acoustic diaphragm is included in the TWS 4 earbuds. It is said to provide outstanding sound quality. The business claims that AI has further improved Active Noise Cancellation, which can block out up to 55dB of background noise and improve vocal quality as well as ambient sound transmission and wind noise resistance.

The third-generation Qualcomm S3 audio platform is equipped with the HI-FI version. which contains 44ms low latency which is perfect for gaming. The weight of each earbud is 4.8 grams and they claim that offers 45 hours of battery life with one single charge on 11 hours of continuous listening of music.

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