Top tech news this week: Google Pixel 8 pre-orders in India, Honor 90 5G debut date, and more.


  • Four smartphone debuts and information on impending gadgets were among the tech news this week.
  • New information has been released regarding the launch of the iPhone 15 and an event hosted by Google.
  • The week’s top tech news is summarized here.

Exciting launches have been percolating in the tech industry. This week, Google provided information about its upcoming event as well as the first look at the Pixel 8 series. Prior to the introduction of Android 14, Google also announced a new Android logo. Additionally, it was reported that the built-in India iPhone 15 devices would be available sooner than anticipated.

This week saw the introduction of four additional phones in India. As we examine everything that made headlines in technology this week, we discuss all of this and more.

The most recent update for the Google Pixel 8 series

This week, Google made a number of announcements regarding the Pixel 8 series, beginning with a teaser film revealing both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro’s designs. This further validated the Pixel 8 Pro’s triple back cameras, temperature sensor, and dual rear cameras. Google also disclosed that beginning on October 5th, pre-orders for the Pixel 8 series will be accepted in India. Notably, Google has verified that, unlike its predecessor, the Pixel Watch 2 will be available in India.

Launch of the Honor 90 in India

On September 14th, Honor will introduce the Honor 90 5G smartphone in India, making its much-awaited return. Honor will now be back in the Indian smartphone market thanks to this. Prior to the release, Honor had been teasing its new phone. A 200MP primary camera sensor, MagicOS 7.1 running on Android 13, and a 3840Hz risk-free dimming capability are reported to be included.

Made-in-India Shipping of the iPhone 15

This year, much earlier than anticipated, Apple is said to have begun producing the iPhone 15 in India. Another story from this week said that these iPhone 15 devices built in India would be shipped out at the same time as the rest of the world. This is a significant accomplishment for Apple considering that the iPhones made in India typically arrive months after the worldwide launch. On September 12th, Apple will introduce the iPhone 15 series.

Updated Android logo

In anticipation of Google’s introduction of the newest version of Android next month, Android now sports a new logo. Not only has Google updated the Droid, but also the text. ‘A’ is now written in uppercase in the updated Android language. Additionally, the font is now stronger and matches the Material You concept. The Android robot has more dimensions and curves in 3D now.

Launches in India of the Moto G54 5G and Realme Narzo 60x 5G

This week, India saw the launch of four new smartphones. On September 4th, Realme C51 went on sale. At Rs 8,999, it is a low-cost smartphone. The Moto G54 5G thereafter went on sale in India for Rs 15,999 on September 6. On the same day, Realme also unveiled the Narzo 60x 5G, which retails for Rs 12,999. Last but not least, the Rs 12,999-priced OPPO A38 made its debut on October 8th.

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