The India launch of the Vivo T3x and iQOO Z9x is imminent given their BIS certification

Vivo introduces the Vivo T3x and iQOO Z9x, two cutting-edge smartphones that push the boundaries of technology and design. These devices embody Vivo’s commitment to delivering exceptional performance and user experience to consumers worldwide. With powerful processors, stunning displays, and innovative features, the Vivo T3x and iQOO Z9x redefine the standards of excellence in the smartphone industry. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern users, these smartphones offer seamless performance, advanced camera capabilities, and immersive entertainment experiences. With Vivo’s dedication to innovation and quality, the T3x and Z9x promise to elevate the mobile experience for users across the globe.


  • The Vivo T3x and iQOO Z9x come with model numbers V2238 and I2219 respectively.
  • The Bluetooth SIG certification means that this phone will come with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.
  • The iQOO Z9x and Vivo T3x have also received BIS certification with the same model number.

After Vivo T3 and iQOO Z9, brands are reportedly working on two sub-models, Vivo T3x and iQOO Z9x. In a recent announcement, the former said he was leading the country later this month. Now, both the mobiles have achieved Bluetooth SIG and BIS certification, which means an India launch is on the cards. See more details.

Launching Vivo T3x and iQOO Z9x in India soo:

  • Both mobile names have been confirmed through Bluetooth SIG certifications, as discovered by MySmartPrice.
  • This revealed model numbers V2238 and I2219.
  • The listing also reveals that the phones will come with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.
  • In addition, both mobiles have also received BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification.
  • Interestingly, the lists also show the same model number, ie. V2238 and I2219.

Geekbench details of iQOO Z9x:

Separately, the iQOO Z9x 5G has also appeared on the Geekbench benchmark platform with model number I2219. This reflects some key specifications and benchmark scores. Achieved 3271 points in the single-core round and 10259 points in the multi-cray section.

The motherboard section talks about ‘Parrot’, which can be paired with a Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 SoC and paired with an Adreno GPU. 4GB of RAM and Android 14 OS.

According to serval reports, the Vivo T3x will be launched in India around the third week of April. If this is indeed true, we will have teasers in the coming days. According to the report, the phone will be priced between Rs 12,000 and Rs 15,000 in India. The Vivo T3x will be available as a successor to the Vivo T2x and may have some similarities in terms of details. Look for more information in the coming days.

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