The IMEI database shows that the Vivo V40 series will soon launch globally

The Vivo V40 series introduces a new era of smartphone excellence with its remarkable features and captivating design. This series redefines user experience with its cutting-edge technology and innovative functionalities. Boasting a sleek and stylish exterior, the Vivo series combines aesthetics with functionality to deliver a premium mobile experience. With powerful performance, stunning displays, and advanced camera systems, these smartphones cater to the needs of modern-day users who demand both style and substance from their devices. The series stands as a testament to Vivo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology and providing users with devices that inspire and empower.

The IMEI database indicates that Vivo will soon launch the Vivo V40 series globally. let us discuss some key Highlights of the smartphone. The series will be the successor to the Vivo V30 lineup. The V40 series is expected to be launched in the second half of the year. Vivo’s V-series is one of the brand’s popular mid-range smartphones. These are some key highlights of the Vivo V40 series.

Earlier this week, Vivo launched the Vivo X100 Ultra, Vivo X100s, and Vivo X100s Pro smartphones in China, expanding their flagship X-series lineup with some watered-down versions (X100s series) and a new top-end (X100 Ultra). model back in March They launched the first V40 series phone, named Vivo V40 SE. Now, the Vivo V40 has been spotted on the IMEI database courtesy of Gizmochina.

Model numbers of Vivo V40 series revealed

The Vivo V40 series will include three models: Vivo V40, Vivo V40 Pro and Vivo V40e. The IMEI database confirms the trade names of the phones. Like other V-series offerings, the upcoming V40 line-up may focus more on camera aesthetics to cater to millennials. The Vivo V40 Pro appears in the database under model number V2347. On the other hand, the standard Vivo V40 has appeared in the database with model number V2348. At the same time, the model number of the Vivo V40e is B2403.

What to anticipate from the phones in the Vivo V40 series

  • Gadgetzview exclusively reports that the Vivo V40 model will be available sometime between August and September 2024.
  • To recall, the Vivo V30 series was announced earlier this year. The Vivo V40 Pro was also spotted on UK carrier EE’s website recently.
  • This revealed that the phone will come in two versions: one with NFC and one without. No further information has been released through the list at this time.
  • Apart from Vivo V40 Pro, V40 and V40e, Vivo V40 Lite is also in the works. This particular image was found on the Bluetooth SIG and Global Certification Forum (GCF).
  • It was previously revealed that the phone will carry model number V2341 and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.
  • There are reports that Vivo engineers are already testing the phone internally and it is believed to come with a better processor and an improved camera.

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