The Google Pixel 8a receives Bluetooth SIG certification before to its impending release

The Google Pixel 8a represents the pinnacle of innovation in smartphone technology, boasting cutting-edge features and seamless performance. With its sleek design and powerful capabilities, the Pixel 8a redefines what users can expect from a mobile device. From its stunning display to its advanced camera system, every aspect of the Pixel 8a is meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Whether you’re capturing unforgettable moments or staying productive on the go, the Pixel 8a is engineered to exceed expectations and set new standards in smartphones. In this, we will discuss HIGHLIGHTS, Bluetooth SIG certification details, and specifications (rumored).

HIGHLIGHTS of Google Pixel 8a:

  • The Bluetooth version of the Google Pixel 8a has been revealed in a new certificate.
  • The Pixel 8A will be available in multiple models and markets.
  • This phone may sport a design similar to the Pixel 7a.

Google is gearing up to launch the Google Pixel 8A in some markets soon. This week, the Bluetooth SIG website released the phone’s Bluetooth-certified, supported version. We also gather the devices the phone can come in from the list. This increases our knowledge of the device, which has been a part of many leaks and rumors.

 Bluetooth SIG certification details of Google Pixel 8a:

  • According to the listing, the phone will support Bluetooth 5.3.
  • We also see its model numbers like G8HNN, GKV4X, G6GPR and G576D. These are not the only examples of past reports that are to be believed. In February, we spotted the phone with model number GH2MB in the UL Demko listing.

Google is rumored to launch the there new phone in more markets this time around. The phone will be available in over 140 countries including Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Romania.

 specifications of Google Pixel 8a(rumored):

  • Display: The Pixel 8a is capable of displaying a 120Hz OLED screen with 1400 nits peak brightness and HDR support. The panel supposedly could have been purchased from Samsung and BOE.
  • Processor: The Pixel phone was powered by the Tensor G3 SoC. It can be connected to the Mali-G715 GPU.
  • Camera: The Pixel 8a is expected to share the same 64MP Sony IMX787 primary camera as the Pixel 7a as well as a 13MP ultrawide shooter. The front camera could be a 13MP Sony IMX712 sensor.
  • Features: Among other features, the handset may come with an improved TPU, Samsung Modem 5400, new graphics, and support for AV1 encoding.
  • Colors: There can be four options namely, obsidian, mint, porcelain, and bay.

The Google Pixel 8a is more expensive than its predecessor and looks similar to the Pixel 8. The phone in the recent Google Fi Wireless announcement (found by GSMArena) could be the Pixel 8a, hence the Pixel 8 Even a pro (who has a glossy finish) can’t do it maybe the picture is photoshopped and we read a lot into it. But if successful, it will be an interesting insight.

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