Flex Window Flex: This is what happened after we used the Galaxy Z Flip5 folded for a day…

Can you use the Galaxy Z Flip5 without unfolding it? We tried it.

Samsung recently unveiled the new Galaxy Z Flip5, the latest in its foldable series’ flip segment. The Z Flip’s current generation includes a lot of improvements. These include generational advancements such as a new, more powerful processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 combined with enough of RAM and storage, greater camera quality and battery life (in terms of performance, while the numbers remain the same), and an upgraded OS. However, there is one new feature on the new Galaxy Z Flip5: a considerably larger cover display. The gadget has a larger 3.4-inch Super AMOLED display than the Galaxy Z Flip4’s smaller 1.9-inch display.

For a day, I was living on the Flex Window Edge!

While the main display of the Galaxy Z Flip5 is excellent (6.7 inches FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X), it is the cover display that truly distinguishes the phone. It is only 0.1 inch smaller than the first iPhone’s display at 3.4 inches, albeit it is more square in design than rectangular. Furthermore, it features a greater resolution of 720 x 748 as opposed to the original iPhone’s 480 x 320. In plain terms, even without opening the Z Flip5, you have a lot of display real estate.

But can the Galaxy Z Flip5 be used for an entire day without opening the phone and depending just on the Flex Window? That’s exactly what we sought to do. We did not flip the Flip5 for a whole day.

You can make and receive calls with ease…but be prepared for the rest of the world to hear

We knew the work ahead of us would be difficult because the Z Flip5 is not intended to be utilized while flipped shut. Still, we hoped that the view from the top (or rather, the Flex Window) would be worth it. As expected, we encountered a number of roadblocks along the way, beginning with the most basic function of a phone: calls.

There is a workaround: if you have a pair of Bluetooth earphones connected to your phone, you can transfer the call to them. We took the first few calls on speaker, which was quick and straightforward, but quickly switched to earphones to keep our chats private from the rest of the world. Thankfully, a set of earbuds attach quickly, but we did panic a few times when we couldn’t find them right away (they aren’t constantly in our ears).

Messaging is good, but keep media attachments to a minimum.

Notifications came next. We could easily see notifications show up on the Flex Window. It is a significant improvement over the Galaxy Z Flip4’s now-apparently small display. We could not only read and handle notifications from the cover display, but also read and respond to communications, including direct messages from social networking sites. These would appear in a little window. While it takes some practice to become used to the keyboard on the Flex Window, it is doable. Long answers, on the other hand, can be difficult to type.

While texting is fine, we had to ignore when our friends sent us a photo or shared a video. That Flex Window is simply incapable of handling media from social networking platforms. This “mainly text and no media” approach may give you some very text-heavy BlackBerry vibes, but this isn’t the BlackBerry era. The same is true with mail.

Great app experience, but limited app selection (don’t worry, Netflix is available).

It’s a small exhibition, but it’s a terrific one. And, while binge-watching Netflix on it is not recommended, knowing that you have the choice is a benefit.

You may also customize the Flex Window with a multitude of widgets to make the screen even more functional. You can have everything on your cover display for quick access, from calendar to alarm to speed dial. You can also change some fundamental settings.

Amazing selfies!

To capture stunning selfies and film 4K videos, use the 12-megapixel main sensor with OIS and the 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor. When you use the cover display, you have three options: Portrait, Photo, and Video. Taking photos of other subjects, on the other hand, can be difficult.

This window is highly flexible, but the internal display is unaffected.

After having the Galaxy Z Flip5 turned shut for nearly a day, we realized that, while Samsung has added a lot of functionality to the Flex Window, it still cannot be a true replacement for the primary one. Yes, it allows one to do a lot, but it also keeps a lot away from you.

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