Noise Luna’s smart ring rival, the Amazfit Helio Ring, will be unveiled at CES 2024.


  • The Amazfit Helio Ring was introduced at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas.
  • The smart ring is said to have been developed as a tool for dedicated athletes.
  • The Amazfit Helio Ring converts detailed health data into a simple Readiness score.

Zepp Health introduced the Amazfit Helio Ring at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The smart ring is said to be designed as a strategic tool for dedicated athletes who want to improve their performance by focusing on optimal recovery.

Amazfit Helio Ring Features

  • For athletes, the Amazfit Helio Ring uses the precision that can only come from a finger-worn gadget to provide in-depth information about both physical and mental health.
  • It is stated that the lightweight and comfy nature of the smart ring helps athletes concentrate on their training and recuperation by removing outside distractions.
  • It is made of a sturdy titanium alloy that can withstand strenuous physical activity.
  • The ring was tested for a water resistance grade of 10 ATM, confirming its ability to tolerate pressures up to 100 meters of water.
  • Compiling comprehensive health data into an easy-to-understand Readiness score is possible with the Amazfit Helio.
  • The ring tracks breathing, body temperature, heart rate variability, and breathing when the wearer is asleep.
  • The Zepp App calculates the Readiness score when you wake up by combining the activities from the day before with the sleep data.
  • This score helps athletes schedule their workouts more efficiently by helping them decide whether to emphasize rest or hard training.
  • The ring offers thorough tracking of sleep and recuperation, evaluating the four stages of sleep, the quality of sleep, and the quality of breathing during sleep.
  • It faithfully logs in the Zepp App for later viewing a variety of activity parameters, including steps, calories, heart rate, and distance. It does not, however, have integrated GPS capabilities.
  • The PeakBeat algorithm is used by the Amazfit Helio to deliver targeted training insights including VO2 Max, Training Load, and Training Effect.
  • Furthermore, by measuring how long it takes for the heart rate to stabilize three minutes after exercise, the ring assesses cardiovascular health.

It is noteworthy that a few local companies, including Noise and boAt, have just introduced their smart rings to the Indian market. The Amazfit Helio Ring, however, is advertised as being more than just a sleep monitor.

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