Sennheiser HD 490 Pro professional headphones released in India


  • Modern music production demands are met by the Sennheiser HD 490 Pro headphones.
  • It is purportedly positioned as the premium professional model offered by the company.
  • The ergonomic design and lightweight construction highlight the design’s emphasis on comfort.

The brand-new HD 490 Pro professional studio headphones from Sennheiser have made their debut in India. The studio headphones, according to the manufacturer, are made to fit the needs of contemporary music production. The Sennheiser HD 490 Pro is made to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, according to the company. The headband is designed specifically to prevent pressure points on the head from being pressed.

Sennheiser HD 490 Pro cost and availability in India

  • At Rs 34,500, the Sennheiser HD 490 Pro is available for purchase.
  • On Amazon, it is currently available for a discounted price of Rs 27,590.
  • The recently revealed studio headphones are available in black.
  • The headphones are also offered in a Pro+ version that costs Rs 32,990.
  • The HD 490 Pro Pro+ version was originally listed for Rs 41,300.

Features of the Sennheiser HD 490 Pro

  • According to reports, the Sennheiser HD 490 Pro is positioned as the company’s premium professional model, intended for production, mixing, and mastering.
  • With a lightweight construction and an ergonomic design that removes pressure points on the head, the design prioritizes comfort.
  • According to the manufacturer, the Ultralight voice coil guarantees quick and accurate sound reproduction.
  • To reduce resonances and distortion, the headphones have an open-frame architecture underneath the ear cup covers.
  • Transducers are angled slightly to provide the best possible listening experience, simulating a standard monitor loudspeaker arrangement.
  • To improve the virtual mixing environment, Dear Reality’s dearVR MIX-SE plugin is included with the HD 490 Pro at no cost.
  • In the meantime, a case, an extra 3-meter headphone cable, and an extra fabric headband pad are included with the Pro+ version of the headphones.

The audio company, however, has just introduced the Accentum Plus headphones to the nation, which retail for Rs 15,990 and feature hybrid ANC, 50 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 5.2, and other features. They have 37mm dynamic drivers built in, and they can play back several codecs, such as AAC, aptX, SBC, BBC, and CVSD. Because the Sennheiser Smart Control app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, users can conveniently control the headphones with it.

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