Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to have three cameras, one fewer sensor than the S24 Ultra.


  • A fresh report claims that the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra would have three back cameras.
  • With certain enhancements, it will have the same main, periscope, and ultra-wide cameras.
  • The rear of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is equipped with four cameras.

Online reports of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra camera point to a significant redesign for the upcoming flagship. This time, it seems that Samsung intends to take one sensor out of the Galaxy S25 Ultra. As opposed to the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s quad camera system, it will have three cameras. The upcoming Samsung flagship’s camera performance won’t suffer as a result, though.

The triple camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra tipped

  • A leak on X claims that a prototype Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra with just three cameras is presently undergoing testing.
  • Samsung is taking the S25 Ultra’s 10MP, 3x zoom camera out of production. The primary camera, which can capture three times as many high-quality images, will make up for it.
  • The 200MP 24mm primary camera on the Galaxy S25 Ultra is rumored to have the same sensor size and megapixel count. Samsung, however, is going to enhance the new primary camera’s capacity to capture light.
  • With two fixed focal lengths between 4 and 5x zoom and between 6 and 7x zoom, the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s periscope camera is reported to include a big sensor and variable zoom. The precise focus lengths have not yet been finalized by Samsung.
  • Finally, there are currently no adjustments planned for the ultra-wide camera in the Galaxy S25 Ultra prototype model. Future iterations of this should contain adjustments as it is still undergoing testing.

As this is the first information we’ve heard regarding the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s camera, further information should be available soon. It appears that there will be other internal enhancements along with a largely unchanged camera hardware. The Galaxy S25 Ultra prototype photos that just surfaced also gave us a glimpse of the potential appearance of the phone. With a sleeker body and smaller bezels, the Galaxy S25 Ultra appears to carry over the same design as its predecessor.

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