Samsung Galaxy S24 is a new update that brings improvements to the display, camera, and more


  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 will receive a new software update this month.
  • This update improves the display brightness and camera features.
  • It will also include options for live call translation.

Samsung has announced a new software update for the Galaxy S24 series that includes a few changes to the devices. The latest update improves display brightness, camera experience, and live call translations. Samsung stated that the new update will begin rolling out this month, so it should be available on all Galaxy phones soon.

Samsung Galaxy S24‘s new update

  • Display: Samsung has added a new ‘Vividness’ toggle in the display settings. This is essentially a bar that allows you to adjust the display’s brightness and vibrancy to your liking.
  • This option is available in the ‘Advanced settings’ section of the display settings menu. With this new feature, Samsung claims that users will have a “more natural and customizable viewing experience.”
  • Cameras: The new software update improves key camera functions. As a result, the device’s zoom functions, Portrait Mode, Nightography, rear camera video recording capabilities, and other features have been improved.
  • Live call translation: Samsung has also confirmed that the Galaxy series will include live call translation capabilities. It has yet to reveal new changes and improvements.

Samsung said in its announcement that the new features would be available in February, but did not provide a specific date. It’s also unclear whether these features will be available on older Galaxy models.

Samsung has focused on software with the Galaxy S24 series. It began with new AI features such as Google Pixel-like Magic Eraser, live call translation, and more.

Samsung also introduced a new battery protection feature for the Galaxy S24 series, which extends the phone’s battery life. It also has a feature that adjusts the charging to your sleep schedule, extending the battery life during this period.

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