Review of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: the greatest, most feature.

incredibly strong processor.
Adaptable telephoto zoom lens.
S Pen enhances worth.
long-lasting and impervious to water.
extended commitment to software updates.
Numerous intriguing features to investigate.
big, clear, and detailed screen.
Only 45W of wired charging is complicated.
Large and weighty

I want to recommend a few things before you read this review. Instead of focusing on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is pricey price tag, consider the value it offers. In comparison to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, don’t consider it “more of the same” because you’ll miss the features that extend its useful life. Although there are a lot of “don’ts” there, that’s why I’ve highlighted them. It’s because the Galaxy S23 Ultra will most likely be able to perform almost all of your needs for the foreseeable future—that is, for a few years after it launches today.

Knowing this means that the only things that will matter are the things it cannot do, and trust me when I say that this is a very small list. Come along as we dive deep into our comprehensive analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

About our review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Based on several weeks of consistent use since the phone’s release, our review of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is complete. During that time, we tested three different models. Andy Boxall initially used a review model that Samsung provided in the UK. This model was later returned and swapped out for a retail version that was bought from Samsung’s online store. Joe Maring uses the other in the United States. The phone comes in three unlocked variants.

In late November 2023, I, Andy Boxall, gave the Galaxy S23 Ultra another look and updated our review to reflect our findings. We also added a new section below that discusses the device’s current functionality. It still has the same rating and is advised to be purchased. Additionally, we continue to use the S23 Ultra frequently.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra after nine months

When I first saw the Galaxy S23 Ultra in November 2023, I was amazed at how little it seemed to have aged. I would believe you if you told me it came out yesterday, and I would give it the same enthusiastic review I gave it back in February. The S Pen and the quick update to Android 14 and One UI 6 are helpful.

We’ve demonstrated over the past few months how, in the right hands, the camera can produce amazing photos and how much better it is than a $450 phone like the Samsung Galaxy A54. Going back to it revealed that, even in comparison to the most recent Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, it has retained all of its photographic magic. Although the camera isn’t flawless, you’ll quickly overlook any errors it makes because it’s so adaptable and strong in most situations.

Early in 2024, Samsung will release the Galaxy S24 Ultra in place of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This inescapable change may cause you to pause and consider whether the S23 Ultra is worth purchasing now. If you don’t care about owning the newest model, there’s no reason to discount the S23 Ultra, but if you can wait, it’s probably worth it. Overall, it’s great, and you won’t regret purchasing it now.

Design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

I spent the first few days getting used to the differences between the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the OnePlus 11. The S23 Ultra isn’t nearly as “holdable” as the OnePlus 11, which is thin, light, and strong. You will definitely notice how much of a handful the S23 Ultra is if you are coming from a phone that isn’t nearly 9 mm thick, 78 mm wide, and 233 grams in weight.

The S23 Ultra’s size and weight will grow on you, but if you have small hands, the width and thickness will make using it one-handed very challenging and much more difficult to overcome. With phones such as the OnePlus 11, iPhone 15 Pro, or even the Galaxy S23 Plus, it’s a consideration that is largely superfluous.

If this is going to be your first large smartphone, try holding one before you buy it to see if it will work with your daily routine. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s design is essentially the same as that of the S22 Ultra, according to Samsung. With tiny bezels, five circular camera modules on the back, and curved sides for the screen and chassis, it still has that recognizable all-business appearance. Although it’s not very eye-catching, part of its appeal will come from this. The S23 Ultra exudes a refined sense of style, and the device itself is instantly recognizable.

It is really substantial, has excellent build quality, and ought to be very durable. Due to its weight, placing it in a case will shield it from damage should it fall onto a hard surface, but Samsung’s dedication to durability offers a level of comfort that many of its rivals do not.

This also pertains to Samsung’s use of recycled materials and its protracted software update schedule, which, when paired with the phone’s robustness and functionality, make it a gadget you’ll be pleased to hold onto for many years.

Colors of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes in eight different color options. While the Phantom Black, Lavender, Cream, and Green models are commonly accessible, ordering directly from Samsung allows you to select from four unique color options. Lime, Graphite, Red, and Sky Blue are these colors. Should you choose a color that is exclusive to Samsung, expect a slightly longer delivery time.

We initially used the green Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is a very stylish phone. Green is a popular color for smartphones right now; models ranging from the OnePlus 11 to the iPhone 13 Pro embrace the challenging hue. When it wasn’t in the right place, Samsung toned it down for a subtle look rather than going for a bright or forest green.

Present yourself in the exclusive colors of Samsung. These are much brighter and more striking, so they’ll definitely draw attention. I’m glad I went with the Sky Blue model instead of the regular colored one, even though it took a week longer to ship.

I thought about the red model, but I liked the chrome chassis finish on the Sky Blue model better than the black finish on the red one. At certain angles, the blue appears almost silver in color, but it is still very subtle overall.

Camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 200-megapixel camera is the main attraction. A much more traditional 12MP wide-angle camera with a 120-degree field of view and two 10MP telephoto cameras with optical zooms of 3x and 10x are added to it.

It is possible to take pictures with the full 200MP resolution, but keep in mind that these require at least 40MB of storage space, as opposed to the 4MB to 7MB of images that the camera normally takes at 12MP.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: capable of video capture

I still think the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s stills camera is fantastic because it is so flexible that I hardly ever feel like it can’t get the shot I want. However, what about the performance on video? Slow motion, Hyperlapse, and Portrait video are just a few of the numerous unique modes it offers.

You should consider storage space when taking pictures at higher resolutions. An 8K video lasts for approximately 620MB, whereas a 4K video occupies nearly the same amount of space—550MB on average. if you consistently engage in this.

Performance of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

“Powerful” is an inadequate term to express the extraordinary capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although I doubt I’ve gone as far as the phone will allow me to, I’d love to think I have. I use Samsung DeX and Bluetooth, play games, use apps, make calls, take 200-megapixel pictures, and record some 8K video. The S23 Ultra ignores it all despite all of that.

Software and screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

You’re looking at a 6.8-inch Super Dynamic AMOLED screen on the front of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is larger than the enormous Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It is massive and bright enough to match its size. With a maximum brightness of 1,750 nits, Section Editor Joe Maring was able to see the screen flawlessly even when strolling around Manhattan on an unexpectedly sunny February morning. I have also had no trouble seeing the screen.

S Pen Stylus for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

The S Pen stylus is tucked away in a slot on the bottom of the phone, which is another reason this is a large smartphone. The Galaxy Note series has been retired and replaced with the top S Series phone. It is firmly fixed in position, and while it is docked, the tiny internal battery that powers the Bluetooth gets charged, keeping it powered on all the time. Despite being short and thin, I find the pen to be comfortable to hold and use for taking notes.

Battery and charging of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung’s fastest 45-watt charging technology is compatible with the phone; however, it requires a Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0 charger or a compatible charger from another manufacturer that supports USB Power Delivery PPS standard.

Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung: cost and availability

At $1,199, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the least expensive model and offers 256GB of storage. The most expensive 1TB model costs $1,699, while the phone costs $1,379 if you want 512GB of storage. You can choose from Red, Lime, Graphite, or Sky Blue if you order from Samsung, in addition to the standard colors of Green, Cream, Lavender, or Phantom Black.

The 512GB model costs 1,399 pounds, while the top 1TB model costs 1,599 pounds. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is available for purchase straight from Samsung’s website, through retailers like Best Buy and Amazon, or through your preferred cellular provider.

Verdict on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is capable of what? That’s the only drawbacks: it won’t fit in all hands or pockets as comfortably as the OnePlus 11 and doesn’t charge quite as quickly. Using a phone that prioritizes functionality over gimmicks and maintains a sensible, fashionable, and recognizable design over needlessly changing it up to try and attract buyers is a true pleasure. If you want the best possible Android experience, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the smartest choice for anyone looking for Samsung at its most assured. It is among the greatest phones of the year because of this combination.

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