Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE now that the price has dropped to its lowest on Amazon?


  • Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is now available at its lowest price since launch.
  • Buds FE delivery is free, but replacements are only available at the service centre for 7 days.
  • The Galaxy Buds 2 are not particularly expensive, so we compared the two to determine whether you should buy the FE.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, priced at Rs 12,999 in October 2023, is an entry-level offering with ANC and a 30-hour battery life claim. After about 4 months, the pair of buds has just received a significant discount, making it the lowest price since launch. Here, we’ll look at the sale price and available bank offers.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE: Price and Availability

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds FE (Black) are currently priced at Rs 8,499 on Amazon India. This is a 35% discount from the Rs 12,999 MRP.
  • You can get a flat Rs 3,849 discount on a Citibank debit card or a Rs 3,000 discount on all bank credit cards, reducing the price to Rs 4,649 (for Citibank users) or Rs 5,499 (for other bank users). There are additional bank card offers listed on the website.
  • You can also opt for free delivery.
  • However, Amazon only provides a 7-day service center replacement. Something to keep in mind when making your purchase!

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Specifications

  • Battery life: Samsung claims the buds can last 30 hours (including the charge from the case). With ANC, that time is reduced to 21 hours. Just the buds can last up to six hours.
  • Charging: You can charge it via a USB-C port, but there is no wireless charging option.
  • Noise Cancellation: You get ANC with three microphones.
  • Supported audio codecs include AAC, SBC, and Samsung Scaleable. The company boasts increased bass output.
  • Design: It weighs 5.8 grams and has dimensions of 17.5 x 19.3 x 22.2mm (buds) and 50 x 50 x 27.5mm (case). The buds have an IPX2 rating, which is not the case.

Should you purchase Samsung Galaxy Buds FE?

  • The new sale price for the Galaxy Buds FE is appealing. However, the Galaxy Buds 2 is available on Amazon for Rs 7,599.
  • In comparison, the Buds FE is said to have improved ANC, a wingtip for a more secure fit, and the possibility of receiving more software updates.
  • However, the Buds FE is heavier (5.8g) than the Galaxy Buds 2, lacks wireless charging, and the case is not water resistant.
  • The Buds 2 features wireless charging and a more balanced sound profile. The battery life difference isn’t significant.
  • You can’t go wrong with either purchase. Galaxy Buds FE are a better value if you don’t mind missing out on wireless charging.

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