Review of the 43-inch Samsung Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV: Enjoyable viewing

The most reasonably priced TV lineup offered by Samsung is the Crystal TV range. With the Crystal TVs, Samsung has consistently been able to provide some excellent features at a reasonable price. For example, the integrated Game Hub, OTT service compatibility, voice command capabilities, 4K resolution LED display, eARC, and reasonably nice speaker arrangement.
Samsung just released its Crystal Vision 4K UHD TVs in India, adding to the allure. OTS Lite (Object Tracking Sound Lite), integrated SmartThings integration, and additional features are included. What part do the new features play in the viewing experience is the question. After a few months of use, this is our review of the Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV 43-inch.


This Samsung TV is stylish, as are most of their models. Overall, the design is svelte. Because the rear panel is symmetrical, mounting it on a wall or even keeping it in the table top without creating an odd-looking back is made easier. It seems sturdy and well-built despite being composed of plastic; there are no sharp edges or gaps between the panels, for example.
The TV’s design integrates seamlessly and stylishly with the interior decor of the house, without taking over the space.

The majority of the TV’s ports are located on the right side, and the power cord is located on the left.
There is a 43-inch 4K panel up front. A almost bezel-less design is portrayed by the symmetrical, thin bezels on all four sides.
Along with the TV, Samsung has included the newest, most portable remote control available, which supports solar charging. Along with a voice command button, the TV remote control features all the standard buttons. Additionally, there are hot keys for Netflix, Prime Video, and Samsung TV Plus.

Hotkeys for apps make it easier to access apps and services, and the remote feels nice to hold.


First and foremost, there are a ton of intelligent integrations on the TV. It includes an integrated IoT Hub with Calm onboarding, for example. In addition, the TV has Internet of Things-capable light sensors that can automatically change the brightness to improve the viewing experience. The fact that Samsung hasn’t restricted this to its own products is a good thing. This is considerably more functional and practical since it is compatible with other devices.
Additionally, the TV has a Smart Hub that centralizes ambient lighting, gaming, and entertainment options. Gamers can choose to connect cloud gaming services and begin utilizing a controller to play games directly from the Smart Hub—without even needing to download them.

Here, though, the TV’s operating system as a whole is clever. With readily accessible apps, settings, and other options, the most recent version of Tizen OS boasts a neat and tidy user experience.
For a seamless overall gaming experience, Motion Xcelerator features and an Auto Game option are also included. We tested quite a few games, and everything seems to be working here. Additionally, the television has a number of modes, including Smart Work, Smart Gaming, and Smart Watching, all of which can maximize customers’ experience with Connected Living.
One of the SlimFit Cam’s best features is the ability to make video calls. It makes it simple for users to hold online conferences or video conversations on a large screen. 43 inch Samsung


The display is the soul of any decent TV, and the Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV features an excellent panel. Excellent color richness, vibrancy, and deep black levels are all present. The viewing angle is also quite good. It seems that PureColor technology and the Crystal Processor 4K are performing as intended. In addition, the One Billion colors provide the impression that this is realistic regardless of what you are watching. Samsung has added a few visual settings to add intrigue, one of which is called Filmmaker Mode and adjusts the colors and other elements to match the original movie quality.

Rather than just drawing the curtains and lowering the lights, we believe Samsung might have increased the effectiveness by allowing the TV to change the brightness, saturation, colors, and other settings. Really, having both at once would have been a game-changer. 43 inch Samsung

The other various modes for gaming, smart work, and other purposes also function flawlessly.
The TV’s sound quality is likewise passable for practically all kinds of media. The integrated 20W speakers are clean, powerful, and provide a decent surround sound experience. Additionally, the integrated OTS Lite technology enhances the audio quality by producing a decent surround sound output.


Among affordable smart TVs, the Samsung Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV 43-inch is a notable model. Its elegant and useful design easily fits into any area. The watching experience is enhanced by the clever features, most notably the IoT integration. The TV’s display is excellent, featuring rich blacks, vivid colors, and HDR10+ compatibility. To increase overall enjoyment, the integrated IoT light sensor adjusts brightness based on content. Although it may benefit from a few more features, this TV is a great option for anyone looking for something affordable without sacrificing smart capabilities or display quality. It’s an attractive option considering its starting price of just Rs 33,990.

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