Redmi Watch 3 Active Review: An great offer @ Rs 3,000

We’ve had a week to test Redmi’s latest smartwatch product, and here’s what we make of it – Redmi Watch 3 Active.

At Gadgetbridge, we keep a close eye on smart wearables at all price points. Affordable Bluetooth-calling smartwatches are many these days, and it can be difficult for a first-time consumer to sort through the lengthy list of capabilities and determine which ones are important. Xiaomi’s latest offering, the Watch 3 Active, attempts to appeal to a wide spectrum of customers by bringing together the essential, non-negotiable capabilities while removing the frills. Everything is within Rs 3,000. We’ve been messing around with this smartwatch for a week, checking its accuracy and going over the ‘fun’ features. Here is our in-depth evaluation of the Watch 3.

Design of the Redmi Watch 3 Active

The fit is the first thing we look for when testing out a new smartwatch. Fit and comfort are especially important for people who want a smartwatch to gather health indicators throughout the day and track their sleeping pattern at night. After being buckled, the silicone strap of the Redmi Watch 3 Active slides under the slit. The dial puts a lot of strain on the wrist, but it’s something you quickly get used to. The smartwatch comes in two color options: Platinum Grey and Charcoal Black. Buyers can now choose an Olive Green strap for an additional Rs 499.

In terms of design, Redmi has kept things simple. The square dial has a metallic-finish plastic frame and a single key on the right edge. The microphone is located near the side key. The 1.83-inch LCD display features a resolution of 240x280p, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a maximum brightness of 450 nits. This LCD unit’s touch reaction is excellent, and the rapid gestures make navigating the watch’s UI a breeze. The sole drawback is that the display is surrounded on all sides by large bezels. Around the chin, the bezels become thicker.

Performance of the Redmi Watch 3 Active

The Watch 3 requires the Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear) app on your smartphone to be installed. Strava and Apple Health are also supported by the smartwatch. Watch 3 Active’s cross-platform compatibility appeals to us. It’s not something that every smartwatch can claim.


At Rs 2,999, the Watch 3 provides all of the main functions you’d expect from a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch. We found no inconsistencies in the health and fitness statistics collected by the watch. Swimming, on the other hand, is oddly absent from the list of trackable activities. Making and receiving phone calls is as simple as it gets with this smartwatch. If you’re considering about presenting this watch to your parents or older relatives, the usability of the UI is also a significant advantage.

Redmi Watch 3 Active: Pros and Cons

  • Fits well
  • App support is excellent (Mi Fitness).
  • Fantastic watch faces
  • Interoperability across platforms
  • Price competitiveness

Watch 3: Drawbacks

  • Swimming as an activity cannot be tracked
  • Only 5 watch faces can be saved at a time.

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