For only 139 euros, you can get a realme 9 with Snapdragon 695 and 5G.

With this offer for the realme 9 5G, you may already obtain a mobile with a good camera, performance, and 5G for what it costs in the low range – realme 9 with Snapdragon.

Even though there are hundreds of possibilities on the market, finding a decent price-quality mobile for less than 200 euros is still challenging, as some sacrifice design and material quality to attain the lowest possible sale price, while others sacrifice screen quality or performance.

However, if we pay attention to discounts, we may occasionally obtain round mobiles with minor flaws for just over 100 euros, like as this realme 9 with Snapdragon.

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Its design is tiny, simplistic, and functional. It does not have rich materials or a spectacular casing, far from it, but it serves its purpose well and does not appear to be as inexpensive as it is.

Its screen is a nice 6.6′′ IPS panel with a 120 hz refresh rate that, while not AMOLED, has outstanding viewing angles and color reproduction. The most intriguing feature is that it features a Snapdragon 695 CPU and 4 GB of RAM, which is more than enough to give the user with good performance in this version of Android and future ones.

Its Adreno 619 graphics allow you to play numerous video games, including the latest generation, albeit performance will not be equal to Android’s medium and high ranges.

It features a 5,000 mAh battery, as do practically all Android phones, however its rapid charging is relatively limited because it only receives up to 18 W of power from the charger.

It employs a triple camera arrangement with a 50 MP main sensor that performs well, as well as its own processor with autonomous learning algorithms to improve the exposure and detail of the photos taken. Obviously, you cannot anticipate any miracles in low-light situations, given that this is a phone that costs less than a fifth of the price of a smartphone that takes good night shots.

In short, the realme 9 is one of the better possibilities on the market for less than 200 euros if you want a 5G connection, while Xiaomi’s competitors at that price only include a 4G chip. However, owing to the offer, it is now only 139.

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