RAILOFY Launches Hassle-Free Train Live Running Status on WhatsApp

RAILOFY, a leading innovator in train travel solutions, is excited to announce the latest enhancement to its WhatsApp Bot: live train running status check. Through this, passengers can now check the live status of their train directly through RAILOFYs WhatsApp Bot, without the hassle of visiting other sites.

RAILOFY Launches Hassle-Free Train Live Running Status on WhatsApp

Imagine this: youre on your way to the station, eagerly anticipating your train arrival. Instead of worrying about delays or changes, or waiting for websites to load, you simply send your PNR number to RAILOFYs WhatsApp number 9881193322. Within seconds, you receive a friendly message back, sharing the live status of your train. Its like having a travel companion right in your pocket, keeping you informed and reassured every step of the way.

“Our aim at RAILOFY is to provide passengers with seamless travel experiences, and the addition of train status checking to our WhatsApp Bot is a significant step in that direction,” said Hrishabh Sanghvi, Founder at RAILOFY.

In addition to checking train status, RAILOFYs WhatsApp Bot offers a range of other essential services, from ordering delicious meals to booking tickets and more. RAILOFY’s WhatsApp Bot is a one-stop companion for all railway travel needs. This comprehensive suite of features saves time, reduces hassle, and ensures a smooth travel experience for passengers.

RAILOFYs commitment to making train travel seamless extends beyond their WhatsApp Bot. The recent launch of Confirm Travel Guarantee, a warranty service that assists users to convert their waitlisted or RAC tickets to confirmed, provides peace of mind and eliminates the uncertainty of travel plans.

For more information about RAILOFYs WhatsApp Bot, Confirm Travel Guarantee, and other services, please visit www.railofy.com/live-train-running-status.

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