Price and specifications of the Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo earbuds in India were disclosed before to its launch on May 22nd.

Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo offers a seamless blend of style and functionality, catering to music enthusiasts and tech-savvy users alike. These wireless earphones boast a lightweight design, delivering an immersive audio experience with powerful bass and clear treble. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, they ensure stable connectivity and low latency, making them ideal for both everyday use and intensive gaming sessions. With impressive battery life and quick charge capabilities, Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo stands out as a reliable choice for anyone seeking high-quality sound on the go.

Realme disclosed the price and specifications of the Realme earbuds in India before their launch on May 22nd. let us discuss some key highlights of the Realme Buds. The smartphone brand will also unveil the Realme Buds Air 6 on the same day. Realme will launch the Buds Wireless 3 Neo earbuds in India on May 22nd, pricing them below Rs 1,300 for Indian consumers. These are some key highlights of the earbuds

Realme has announced that the Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo earphones will be launched on May 22 aka the Realme Buds Air 6. Before the official launch, the brand revealed the price, sale date and special features of the upcoming earphones has been revealed. Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo will be an affordable Bluetooth earphone that includes a 13.4 mm Dynamic Bass driver, an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance rating, etc. Here are the details of Buds Wireless 3 Neo.

Launch date, price, and availability of Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo in India

The smartphone brand announced that it will launch the Realme Buds earphones on May 22 in India. The upcoming Buds Wireless 3 Neo will be available for Rs 1,299 starting on the same day at 2:30 PM. Customers can purchase the Realme Buds through Realme’s online channel, as well as on Amazon and Flipkart, in Green, Black, and Blue.

Notably, the Realme Buds arrived almost a year after Realme launched the Buds Wireless 3 at Rs 1,799. Check out the features of the Realme Buds and see how it differs compared to the Buds Wireless 3.

Features of Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo

Realme Buds has a 13.4 mm Dynamic Bass driver with a dynamic bass boost for deeper beats and rich bass boost in comparison Buds Wireless 3 offers a 13.6mm dynamic bass driver which is slightly better but with the same dynamic bass boost.

It comes with AI ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) to isolate speech from background noise during calls for better communication. On the other hand, the Buds Wireless 3 offers up to 30dB of Active Noise Cancelation (ANC), making it even more advanced. The Realme Buds claims to pack a battery life of up to 32 hours and may have fast charging power as well.

In comparison, the Buds Wireless 3 offers up to 40 hours of battery life. The Realme earphones have a low latency of 45ms, which means the gameplay is smooth. The upcoming Realme Buds will support dual-device connectivity and Google Fast Pair with an IP55 rating that offers limited protection from low-pressure water and dust These features are also available in the Realme Buds Wireless 3.

The Buds Wireless 3 offers excellent driver and ANC support and 360-degree spatial audio effects. So we can say that Realme may reveal the Neo variant as a toned-down version of the Realme Buds. However, it is worth mentioning that Realme will disclose more features of the Buds Wireless 3 at the launch event.

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