Redesigned camera module shown in OnePlus 13 leaked render

HIGHLIGHTS of the OnePlus 13 Redesigned camera module:

  • The OnePlus 13 may include a revised camera module.
  • It’s a quiet critique of the OnePlus 12’s circular camera layout.
  • It appears that OnePlus will choose a different design for its upcoming flagship.

The OnePlus 12 was only released in January of this year, but word of its successor, the OnePlus 13, has already leaked. What is believed to be the  13 renders is shown by a recent leak. This design is a significant departure for the brand, as the rear cameras indicate that the circular camera module will eventually be replaced.

Different camera design revealed by OnePlus 13 leaked render:

  • A post on X by OnePlus Club claims that the camera module on the 13 will be modified. We will now see vertically stacked rear cameras instead of the circular camera module in the top-left corner.
  • That pertains to the general design; the camera in the center has a broader circle surrounding it. The 13’s camera module bears the Hasselblad logo as well. compared to the current design of the OnePlus 12 series, it’s pretty understated.
  • Digital Chat Station, a Weibo tipster, has revealed information on the 13, indicating that the smartphone’s design may alter. Thus, the OnePlus 13 may come with an updated camera module.

Apart from the appearance, the X post indicates that the OnePlus 13 will be released in October this year, utilizing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. The OnePlus flagship is expected to appear in October, thus this is an early launch date.

The  13’s redesign has been discussed before; in the past, DCS has released information along these lines. The insider claims that testing is underway for a OnePlus flagship, most likely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 prototype OnePlus 13. The round camera module and the stainless steel hinge are absent from this prototype. Therefore, the OnePlus 13’s general design may alter in addition to the cameras.

Similar to the OnePlus 12, the 13 is also expected to have a 2K display. A 50MP primary camera with an ultra-wide and telephoto lens will be part of its triple camera arrangement.

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