OnePlus 12 vs Vivo X100 blind camera comparison: premium flagships face off

The OnePlus 12 (review) and Vivo X100 (review) are two recently launched flagships in India, both priced under Rs 65,000. These handsets compete with one another in a variety of ways. In this comparison, we invite you to help evaluate the two smartphones’ camera capabilities in various scenarios. The smartphone names have been masked so that you cannot tell which photo was taken by which device. Please vote for your favorite image, and we will announce the results in a few weeks.

Daylight shot

For the daylight shots, we used the OnePlus 12 and Vivo X100’s 50MP main cameras with their default settings. The handsets use quad-pixel-binning technology to produce 12.5MP images. Check out the results above and vote for the image with the best details, colors, and dynamic range.

Ultra-wide shot

The OnePlus 12’s ultra-wide lens has fewer megapixels and a smaller field-of-view (FoV) than the Vivo X100’s. The handset has a 48MP ultra-wide camera with a 114-degree field of view, as opposed to the Vivo smartphone’s 50MP lens, which supports a 119-degree field of view. Is this difference indicative of better results for the Vivo X100? Vote to express your opinion.

Telephoto shot

OnePlus 12 and Vivo X100 both have a 64MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom. Check out the results from both smartphones with 3x optical zoom and vote for the image with the most details and sharpness while retaining vibrant colors.

Portrait shot

For this comparison, we used the primary camera on both smartphones to capture portrait shots, despite the fact that the OnePlus 12 uses a telephoto lens for portraits. Cast your vote for the phone that excels at both edge detection and bokeh effect.

Selfie shot

The selfie above was taken with a 32MP front camera in punch-hole mode on both devices. Share your thoughts on which smartphone takes selfies with the best facial details.

Macro shot

The OnePlus 12 and Vivo X100 lack a dedicated macro camera, but they can still capture close-up images of the subject. However, the Vivo smartphone does this with a telephoto lens, whereas the OnePlus 12 uses an ultra-wide sensor that also functions as a macro lens. Vote for the phone you believe has taken the best shot.

Low light

It’s time to test smartphones’ low-light performance. Both the OnePlus 12 and the Vivo X100 have a large sensor and a relatively wide aperture, allowing for more light and finer details. Take a look at the lowlight images attached above and vote for your favorite.

Night mode

Night mode has become a standard feature in smartphones. It employs backend computational power to improve the low-light images. The implementation, however, may differ between OEMs. Check out the images above, which were taken using each device’s Night mode, and vote for your favorite.

This concludes our OnePlus 12 vs Vivo X100 blind camera comparison. It’s time to cast your votes.

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