Nokia is not dead: the brand will reportedly launch 17 new smartphones in 2024.


  • Nokia is preparing to launch 17 new smartphones.
  • The smartphones have been found on the IMEI Database website.
  • Some of the models could debut at the upcoming MWC.

HMD Global recently changed the names of Nokia’s social media accounts and website to Human Mobile Devices (HMD). This led us to believe that the smartphone brand was on its last legs and that there would be no new Nokia-branded smartphones. However, some interesting new developments have emerged, indicating that Nokia is preparing to launch 17 new smartphones. Here is everything we know about Nokia’s new smartphone lineup.

Nokia plans to release new smartphones.

  • According to GSMChina, Nokia is preparing to launch 17 new smartphones in the market.
  • GSMChina discovered 17 new smartphone model numbers ranging from TA-1603 to TA-1628 in the IMEI database.
  • These models could be different RAM/storage variants of the primary phones or entirely different phones.
  • Some of the smartphones could be released at the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress).
  • The website does not reveal any other information about the upcoming smartphones, other than the fact that they will be branded Nokia rather than HMD.
  • Nine new HMD-branded phones were recently discovered on the IMEI database, with model numbers TA-1584, TA-1594, TA-1595, TA-1588, TA-1589, TA-1592, TA-1602, TA-1605, and TA-1631.

What does this mean for Nokia?

This suggests that the Nokia brand is still present and will grace the market with new smartphones as developments occur. HMD is also preparing to enter the smartphone market, and we recently saw a smartphone with HMD branding on the back panel and a 108MP OIS-enabled camera. HMD Global is likely to launch its own-brand smartphones in India around April 2024.

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