Localiti App Assists 50,000 Plus Users to get Vaccinated in India

Its 100k users are residents living in 750+ Indian cities

Highly active hyperlocal community for vaccination support and timely alerts

A social platform named ‘Localiti‘ that promises to be truly different were launched in the Capital recently. Hailed as the neighbourhood hub for trusted connections and the medium to exchange helpful information, goods, and services within a small community of local users, this app will bring neighbours closer by allowing them to build human connections in the real world rather than just the virtual. A reliable platform, Localiti will fulfil the reality that neighbourhoods are wanting in.

Localiti App

The app is developed by Partik Madaan, NIT Kurukshetra alumni who worked at ixigo, yahoo, oracle, and the 100k users of the social platform targeted for residents living in as many as 750+ Indian cities have already become hugely popular.

What started off as merely a support group, Localiti started helping citizens all over India by finding them their nearby vaccine slots using their advanced algorithms for predicting the next slot opening time on centres based on their past trends. So far, the app has helped 50,000 plus users to get vaccinated, who in turn have shared their vaccination experience and centre reviews which is in turn helping more users.

Elaborating on his major innovative venture, the brain behind the initiative, Bharat Bhushan, Co-founder, Localiti, said, “Localiti’s purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighbourhood they can rely on, and our mission is to be the neighbourhood hub for trusted connections that shares useful information, goods, and services.” He further said that the, “Ability to communicate with people who live near you, but are still outside the neighbourhood get connected through the nearby neighbourhoods. Thus, we have the ability to create public or private groups (sub-groups) within the neighbourhood community.”

The platform is different from other platforms like Paytm, Telegram as it is not just about alerts or booking. There is a community of local residents in all cities which is ready to help with all the problems and guide you. The app ensures that it serves as a multipurpose platform for all its users, and helps them discuss anything with the simple click of a button to buy/sell things or services, including common everyday support for neighbours borrowing tools and donating items. The app was recently featured by the Ministry of Education for their vaccine support system.

Partik Madaan, Co-founder, Localiti, added that the app will be a fresh and one of the easiest ways to connect to one’s neighbours or even others with same interest living in your area. “If you want to initiate a discussion on persisting problems, or share any news with people around you Localiti is the platform that can connect you to your community. One can even ask for emergency help and now have million more ways you always wanted to communicate but wasn’t possible till now.”

Localiti has other features that make it stand out among a plethora of such services. Prominent among them are: Interest based chat groups for every community with moderation and simple & rich features; ability to communicate in any language; users can ask questions, start discussions, add reactions, comment and share content in chat groups; local news related to your neighbourhood without following multiple pages on other platforms; genuine announcements from local administration; and no Spam!

Link for the app – localiti.io.

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