Linguasol, A FidelTech Company Launches “The Website Translator”

Aimed at helping Companies looking for Geographical & localization expansions

Helps translate to over 100 Indian and foreign languages

Can be used to translate websites, applications or cloud software

Linguasol” a leading linguistic solutions provider company recently launched “The Website Translator” for corporates. The solution helps translate content to over 100 Indian and foreign languages and can be used to translate websites, web applications or cloud software solutions. The solution has been designed to help businesses thrive in a global environment by breaking down language barriers in an easy, quick and effortless way.

The Website Translator is a powerful alternative to the usual dependencies on translation service providers with their lengthy processes and complex implementations. It helps the end user with the complete translation i.e. not just the page text but also the text in images. With a unique ability to fully support multilingual SEO, customers can improve their website reach, while human translations ensure that the translated content is easy to read.

The solution’s main advantage is that it can localize the UI of the website or enterprise software in the preferred language without modifying the source code or CMS. The solution can be used on a subscription-based model that comes with a one-time signup cost followed by a monthly/annual subscription.

The Website Translator” is a website translation solution developed and supported by the language technology experts, who have been supporting leading BFSI brands to turning their application multilingual for over a decade. The USP of this solution is that it can work within your hosting premise but still translate without changing the code or database. It can work with any CMS and hosting platform, is completely scale-able, translating all types of websites. The solution translates content, text in banners, and widgets. It offers complete control on the quality of translation, which is SEO compliant which can help improve the visibility in vernacular searches. It can handle all language scripts – Devanagari, Asian, CJK, Arabic, and Latin.

Based on the need, it can translate corporate websites to large consumer portal seamlessly in any language. Taking a step further, Linguasol can also help you in doing the initial technical and content analysis of your website, for setting up your budget for the translation process, whether in phases or whole. The solution is made available in subscription form as well.

Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, Founder and CEO, FidelTech

Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, Founder and CEO, FidelTech says, “India has more than 450 million internet users. It holds the second largest online market after China. While India’s population constitutes around 125 million English-speaking population, more than 80% of Indians are not fluent in English. Due to this demographic usage of local languages has outpaced English. However even with such statistics, essential services like e-commerce transactions, digital payments, online banking, online job search, online education, online healthcare etc. are not available in local languages. This proves that online localization needs to be the need of the hour.”

He adds, “With the proliferation of mobile, low data pack costs and growing aspirations, consumers expect same services, online shopping experience and product delivery across urban and rural areas. Therefore, for any online business or service’s success, it is essential to have a clear and concise content in local language to reach the desired target audience. SMEs and other businesses need to effectively and efficiently translate the entire website into other languages. But the translation process can be an immense task that could take anywhere between 6 months to a year coordinating with multiple vendors involving internal resources for project management. This is where The Website Translator can help to go into newer markets in just 6-8 weeks.”

India alongside China is one of the top emerging language services market. Due to this, interest was boosted in the region owing to Government initiatives making it compulsory for Indian phone manufacturers to support numerous official languages in India. According to a KPMG report, India has a 125-million-strong English-speaking population along with 521 million Hindi speakers and over 500 million other Indian language speakers. The country has around 1,599 languages and local dialects, with 122 main languages out of which 22 are official. English is the most widely used language on digital platforms in the country. However, with the increasing growth of Indian language users, particularly in tier-II and tier-III cities along with rural areas combined with the rising use of smartphones and internet, it has become imperative for organizations to focus on creating an end-to-end digital ecosystem that is both applicable and valuable to Indian language speakers.

About Linguasol

LinguaSol is a Fidel group company which continuously innovates cutting edge technology products for the translation & localization industry. From globalizing websites to localizing applications in an effortless, quick and cost-effective way, LinguaSol provides localization and translation solutions for all business needs. With an installed base of more than 150 customers and more than one million satisfied users, LinguaSol is headquartered in Pune and has offices in Bangalore and Tokyo.

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About Fidel Technologies

Fidel Technologies KK is a Japanese firm (since 2001) & works with global clients in the areas of Enterprise IT, Localization & Consulting. Fidel offers LangTech Consulting solution & services since 2008 and works with clients including successful top Social Media brands as well as product companies like IBM, Panasonic, Xiomi, SAP, Pearson to name a few for their localization and translation needs.

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