iPhone 15 series: New leaked images, likely release date, design, price and more

iPhone 15 series
iPhone 15 series

The Apple iPhone 15 series will be released next month. Apple has not yet sent an official invitation to the event, but the 2023 iPhones will most likely be announced in the second week of September along with the new Apple Watch models. Maybe the famous “one more thing”, but for now we have to hold our horses on this one. As the day approaches the most anticipated mobile phone launch event of the year, here’s everything the rumor mill has to say about the iPhone 15 series models, design changes, price increase, new charging technology and more.

iPhone 15 series may launch on September 12

Apple is likely to hold a special event for the iPhone 15 series in mid-September, most likely on September 12.

The iPhone 15 series will go on sale from September 22

The 2023 version of the iPhone, the iPhone 15 series, is likely to go on sale from September 22. Most likely, the iPhone 15 series will go on sale in India from September 22.

Four new iPhones

The September special event is likely to see four new iPhones two iPhone 15 models and two iPhone 15 Pro models. If the name is the same as last year, it means iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Four new iPhones

The iPhone 15may have thinner bezels

The iPhone got full-screen in 2017 with the iPhone X. Since then, Apple has reduced the display bezels, and reports suggest that the iPhone 15 will have thinner bezels, a step towards “Apple’s dream phone”

Action button

The iPhone 15 series may have USB-C charging.

The writing has long been on the wall. Apple needs to switch from Lightning to a USB-C charging port. The EU made it mandatory by 2024 and there seems to be a similar outcry in the United Kingdom (UK). According to reports, Apple may force its switch to USB-C in 2023.

Action button

Action button

Multiple reports have claimed that Apple may introduce an Action Button with iPhone 15 series. It is not clear if the Action Button will be only on Pro models, or across lineups. Evidence has also been mounting lately about the alleged button. Code in iOS 17 too reportedly suggests users will be able to choose from nine options to control when the Action Button is pressed.

Action button

iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Pro Ultra or 5 iPhones in 2024

It is also rumored that Apple may remove the iPhone 15 Pro Max name from its contract and switch to the iPhone 15 Ultra, which is the largest and most premium model. Last year, Apple brought back the Plus model with the iPhone 14 Plus. Some reports also claim that the “Ultra model” would not replace the Pro model, but would be completely new in 2024. It would be the most advanced iPhone without the port that has been rumored for years.

The iPhone 15 Pro models have a titanium edge

Reports also suggest that rim around iPhone 15 Pro models could be made from titanium and feature a rounded edge design similar to the MacBook Pro lineup.

The iPhone 15 Pro are powered by the Apple A17 Bionic processor

Like last year, the iPhone 15 Pro series will receive a new processor A17 Bionic. While the non-Pro iPhone 15 models can run on the A16 Bionic processor, the same processor also runs on the Pro models of the iPhone 14 series. The Apple A17 Bionic is likely to make the leap to the next manufacturing process from 5 nanometers to 3 nanometers. This can help increase processor power and efficiency. The A17 is said to have 6 CPU cores and 6 GPU cores and is clocked at 3.70GHz.

All iPhone 15 models to sport Dynamic Island

All iPhone 15 models are likely to have Dynamic Island. This means that all iPhone 15 models will likely look the same from the front. One big difference between the iPhone 14 Pro and non-Pro models is the Dynamic Island. Apple replaced the notch with an on-screen pill and punch-hole sensor housing. The company combined them with a software element called Dynamic Island. Rumors suggest that Apple will completely drop the “iPhone 15” option. This means that every iPhone 15 will get Dynamic Island in 2023.

The price of the iPhone 15 series may be higher

It has been reported that the iPhone 15 series may be higher than the iPhone 14 series. But hold your breath because these rumors have been around for the past few years and we haven’t seen a huge price tag. The price of the iPhone 14 series in India has increased from Rs 10,000 and above in 2022. It is unlikely that a new price hike will happen this year as well.

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