Review of the Infinix 55W1Q 4K TV: meriting a second look

Infinix 55W1Q 4K TV: Devices from Infinix are renowned for being affordable. All of its computers have withstood the test of time and are still on my list of recommended low-cost laptops. I had to look into the Infinix W1 QLED series when I learned that Infinix has introduced a new lineup of QLED TVs. The LG’s clever WebOS integration is the standout feature of this TV range. However, how is the quality of the picture? Audio quality? What about the encounter as a whole? To assist you decide whether or not to choose this Infinix 55W1 QLED TV as your next upgrade, our review will go over the specifics.

Rating: 8 / 10

Quality of design and construction

  • The package includes an LG Magic Remote with Bluetooth capability, a wall mounting kit, two AA batteries, and some documentation.
  • This TV has the same dependable, well-known fat chin bezel style. With the exception of the bottom bezel, all of the bezels are significantly narrower than the others, providing a better, distraction-free viewing experience. This design has been the standard for a while. The Infinix logo is located in the bottom bezel and is positioned prominently on the TV.
  • In terms of construction quality, this TV boasts an amazing robust metal chassis. There are no discernible spaces between the panel and the bezels, indicating excellent craftsmanship. In addition, the TV is stable and unwavering on its metal feet.


  • The TV covers you in two areas when taking into account the I/O ports. Three HDMI ports are located on the right side, the center one of which can handle ARC. Then, there is a 3.5mm headphone connector and a USB 2.0 port. The TV has an optical audio port, an RJ45 LAN connector, another USB 2.0 port, analog RCA connections, and an RF antenna port located at the bottom. For any one of your gadgets, there are a ton of alternatives!

Infinix 55W1Q 4K TV Display

  • This television has a 55-inch 4K UHD Quantum Dot LED display, as the name would imply. The display’s visual quality is really amazing. The viewing angles are striking, with rich blacks. In terms of brightness, our internal testing showed a peak brightness of up to 400 Nits, surpassing the declared brightness of 320 Nits. The colors are brilliant and vibrant.
  • The image profiles available on the TV are Cinema, Eco, Standard, Vivid, and Game Optimizer. I really like the somewhat warmer tone that the Cinema profile delivers. But the Standard profile is also appropriate for consuming regular content on a daily basis, particularly soap operas.
  • Motion compensation, or MEMC, is also supported by this TV. You may turn it ON to give a video a smoother, soap opera-like appearance if you like the cinematic, seamless image. To preserve the material as the filmmaker intended, I would rather keep the MEMC off.
  • PS: Thankfully, there were no areas of the screen with backlight leakage when I checked for light leaks and IPS glow.

Sound quality

  • This TV has a dual-speaker configuration with 20W downfiring Dolby Audio support. The gadget produces a good variety of mids and treble along with amazing volume. At greater levels, though, the bass is weak. With the exception of the hip-hop genre, the sound profile is generally flat, making it appropriate for nearly all types of entertainment.
  • I think you may improve the audio quality of this TV by using it with a soundbar or an auxiliary audio output configuration. Fortunately, a smooth analog audio output is possible thanks to the 3.5mm audio connection.
  • There are several sound settings accessible, and for those who are interested, the speech clarity mode is also available.

Infinix 55W1Q 4K TV Software and remote

  • Let’s start with the internal hardware: this TV has 8GB of internal storage and 1.5GB of RAM.
  • Even with only 1.5GB of RAM, the machine functioned well. In fact, I’d argue it runs more smoothly than any Google TV platform available for a comparable price. LG’s WebOS deserves recognition for this, given it is a very light operating system.
  • This TV does include a USB connector where you can bring in an external disk to view locally saved information, even though additional internal storage is always a good thing.
  • This TV comes with a Bluetooth voice-activated Magic Remote that makes navigating the WebOS UI a breeze. It works similarly to an air remote in that it lets you point and click with a cursor, simulating a computer mouse. Although it could take some getting accustomed to, WebOS feels straightforward and user-friendly after a few hours of usage.


The cost of the Infinix 55W1 QLED Smart TV is Rs 34,999. Brands including Thomson, White Westinghouse, Blaupunkt, iFFALCON, Motorola, Acer, and others provide more reasonably priced 55-inch alternatives. You may enjoy unparalleled SDR performance, excellent visual quality, a wide range of labeled I/O ports, and lag-free software with this Infinix W1QLED TV.

This TV performs somewhat disappointingly in terms of HDR due to its lack of Dolby Vision HDR compatibility. I would consider this the finest value-for-money 4K TV for $35,000, if only we lived in a world where HDR content didn’t exist or was limited. I would suggest the 55-inch Thomson 55OPMAXGT9030 as that TV if HDR is important to you.

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