In India, Boult Z40 Gaming and Y1 Gaming TWS earbuds were launched at a price point around Rs 2,000.

The Boult Z40 Gaming and Y1 Gaming TWS earbuds are cutting-edge audio devices designed to elevate the gaming experience with superior sound quality and seamless connectivity. These earbuds ensure every sound is heard precisely and in real-time by offering ultra-low latency, making them perfect for gamers. Their ergonomic design guarantees comfort during extended gaming sessions, while the robust battery life ensures uninterrupted play. With advanced features such as noise cancellation and immersive audio technology, the Boult Z40 Gaming and Y1 Gaming TWS earbuds stand out as essential gear for casual and competitive gamers.

Boult Z40 Gaming, and Y1 Gaming TWS earbuds launched in India. The company launched these earbuds around the price range of Rs2,000. Now let us discuss some key highlights of these earbuds. The cost of the Boult Z40 Gaming TWS earbuds is Rs 1,299 in the market. The Boult Y1 Gaming earphones cost Rs 1,199 in the meanwhile. They boast a Combat Gaming Mode with ultra-low latency of 40ms for gaming. These are some key highlights of the earbuds.

Following the launch of the  Audio K40 today, the homegrown brand unveiled two new gaming earbuds – the Z40 Gaming and the Boult Y1 Gaming – for Indian customers. Boult Audio introduced these TWS earbuds at an affordable price, offering up to 60 hours of gaming time, voice assistant support, touch controls, and more. Here are the prices and features of the Z40 Gaming and Y1 Gaming earbuds.

Price and availability of Boult Z40 Gaming, and Y1 Gaming price in India

  • The Boult Z40 Gaming TWS earbuds are available in Electric White, Black Moss, and See-Through colors with RGB lighting for Rs 1,299.
  • It is available on e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon along with the Boult official website.
  • Boult Audio priced the Y1 Gaming earbuds at Rs 1,199 and offers them in Electric Red, Black Metal, and Glacier Blue color variants with Mode Sync LEDs.
  • They are available through Flipkart and the company’s official website.

Features of Boult Z40 Gaming, Y1 Gaming

  • The Z40 Gaming and Y1 Gaming TWS earbuds feature a Combat Gaming Mode with ultra-low latency of 40ms for gaming, ensuring no lag. Both earbuds also support dual device connectivity.
  • Bluetooth It also features v5. 4-connectivity. Additionally, they employ ZEN Quad Mic ENC technology to provide crystal-clear audio when on the phone.
  • These newly launched TWS earbuds feature a 10mm driver and BoomX Technology for an immersive listening experience with powerful bass and crisp audio quality.
  • Both earbuds offer IPX5 water resistance, protecting them against leaks.
  • While the Z40 Gaming claims up to 60 hours of battery life, the Y1 Gaming earbuds claim to come with 50 hours of gaming.
  • Additionally, these latest TWS earbuds support voice assistants and touch controls. It can be activated through the Boult AMP application.

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