IMEI database reveals ASUS ROG Phone 9 series: anticipated features, specs, and release date

The ASUS ROG Phone 9 series emerges as a game-changer in the realm of mobile gaming, boasting unparalleled performance and cutting-edge features. Designed for gamers by gamers, this series redefines the gaming smartphone experience with its innovative technology and sleek design. With powerful processors, advanced cooling systems, and immersive displays, the ASUS ROG Phone 9 series promises to take mobile gaming to new heights. These devices are engineered to deliver the ultimate gaming experience on the go, whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive esports enthusiast.

The ASUS ROG Phone 9 series has been spotted on the IMEI database, revealing expected specifications, features, and release timeline. The ASUS ROG Phone 9 series will take a sweet time to arrive while the ROG Phone 8 series launched in January this year. However, a new report claims that ROG has seen details of the Phone 9 series including its alleged specs, features, and even a release window. So let’s take a look at what ASUS can pack into these upcoming gaming phones.

Let us discuss some key highlights of smartphone. The IMEI format shows its model number similar to the ROG Phone 8 series. The ASUS ROG Phone 9 may come with a new cooling system among other features. It could launch at the same time as the ROG Phone 8 series.

IMEI database for ASUS ROG Phones in the 9 series

  • A new AndroidHeadlines report shares ASUS ROG Phone 9 and ROG Phone 9 Pro models in the IMEI database.
  • We also see the ASUSAI2501C model number, which means that these phones will be launched in China and possibly India.
  • We can see this series of cards again in the months leading up to the ROG Phone 9 series.
  • This was repeated when the ROG Phone 8 series appeared on the IMEI website with the model number ASUS_AI2401_A.

Specifications of ASUS ROG Phone 9 series(expected)

  • The report also suggests that the ROG Phone 9 could run on Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset.
  • Its predecessor was the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. The new chip is rumored to come with TSMC’s 3nm architecture, Nuvia’s 2+6 design, and a clock speed of up to 4.2GHz.
  • Therefore, the ROG Phone 9 lineup should be more powerful and efficient.
  • Phones can also benefit from a new internal cooling solution that can keep the heat on for long periods of gaming.
  • Meanwhile, the current-gen ROG phones feature a clip-on cooler that claims to cool the device down to 26 degrees Celsius.
  • For hardcore gamers, the ROG Phone 9 offers AirTriggers, already available on previous ROG phones. These will be dedicated buttons for precision controls.
  • Additionally, you can also get RGB lights for visibility. The ROG Phone 8 series features an Aura RGB logo and a Mini-LED 341-element display. Let’s see how ASUS improves this with the new lineup.

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