How to Take a Screenshot Using Windows, Mac OS, or Linux on a Laptop or Desktop

How to take a screenshot on a laptop is one of the most frequently asked questions by consumers when they first start using a computer that runs Windows, macOS, or Linux. There are various ways to take screenshots on your laptop or desktop computer, ranging from utilizing keyboard shortcuts to opening software designed to crop, rotate, annotate, and print the image you have grabbed from your screen. The quickest way to take a screenshot, though, is to use the screen capture functionality by tapping a set of keys on your keyboard.

On your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop or computer, you may easily take screenshots by using a set of keyboard keys.

You may install a number of third-party applications to have even more control over your screenshots. Most users won’t likely require a more sophisticated tool because the built-in tools on Windows, macOS, and Linux-based versions like Ubuntu pack so many capabilities. Here’s how to take screenshots on a laptop using the built-in capabilities of these operating systems.

How to take screenshots on laptops by using Linux

  • Still, press the print, If you’re running an ultramodern Linux distribution like Ubuntu.
  • Click Screen or Window to capture the whole screen or a specific window, independently.
  • Choose Selection to capture part of the screen, using your mouse to click and drag until the area is named.
  • Navigate to Pictures> Screenshots to view the screen prisoner, or bury it into any app using CtrlV.

How to take screenshots on laptops by using Windows

  • On your desktop or laptop, launch the program or website you want to save.
  • When the screen becomes dim, press the Windows logo key and Shift S together.
  • Use your mouse or trackpad to manually select the area you wish to capture on camera OR select Fullscreen Snip from the menu at the top of the screen.
  • In order to edit, crop, annotate, participate in, or save your screenshot, click on the Snipping Tool notification.

How to take screenshots on laptops by using macOS

  • On your desktop or laptop, launch the program or website you want to save.
  • Press the Shift Command 3 keys together to capture the entire screen.
  • Press Shift Command 4 to capture a portion of the screen, also drag and elect the area as needed.
  • View your desktop to see the rearmost screenshot and take it to another app.

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