Price and specs of the new AI-powered laptops and gaming handheld MSI Claw that were introduced in India

HIGHLIGHTS of the gaming handheld by MSI Claw:

  • At the MWC 2024, the MSI Claw handheld was launched.
  • The MSI Claw A1M, which was recently unveiled, has a starting price of Rs 88,990 in India.
  • Additionally, MSI has introduced several new gaming and AI-powered laptops in India.

The MSI Claw gaming handheld was revealed at MWC 2024, and the company has now introduced the device to India. The company has also introduced a few new laptops with AI capabilities, at a starting price of Rs 68,990. It’s important to note that the newest Intel Core Ultra CPUs are allegedly included in these laptops and the gaming handheld. Learn more about the recently released MSI goods here.

 features and price of MSI Claw in India:

  • In India, the Core Ultra 5 form of the Claw A1M costs Rs 88,990, while the updated model, which has a Core Ultra 7 processor, starts at Rs 96,990. However, information regarding its availability in India has not yet been released.
  • The MSI Claw is a portable gaming system with Intel XeSS technology and an Intel Core Ultra processor.
    With a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, its 7-inch Full HD touchscreen display provides rapid gaming graphics.
  • By efficiently cooling internal components, MSI Cooler Boost Hyperflow thermal technology on the Claw ensures excellent gaming performance.
  • It is stated that the gaming handheld’s 53Wh battery may last up to two hours.
  • Easy access to key functionality and settings is made possible by the device’s user-friendly MSI Center M UI design.
  • Additionally, it supports MSI APP Player, which gives users access to mobile games for Android and Windows.

price and specification of New MSI laptops launched in India:

In addition to a new line of 18-inch laptops with Intel 14th Gen HX-series processors and vapor chamber thermal modules, MSI has introduced several laptops with AI capabilities. These are the specifications for the recently revealed 18-inch laptops.

  • The 18-inch lineup consists of the Raider 18 HX (Rs 3,79,990), the Titan 18 HX (Rs 4,99,990), and the Stealth 18 AI Studio (Rs 2,29,990).
  • The Stealth 18 AI Studio is equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors, while the Titan 18 HX and Raider 18 HX laptops are powered by Intel 14th generation Core i9 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics.
  • One of the standout features is an 18-inch big display that boasts the first-ever 18-inch 4K 120Hz tiny LED display in the globe for immersive gaming.
  • Every model has a refreshed look, with standout features like the updated Cherry Switch Mechanical Keyboard and Seamless RGB Haptic Touchpad on the Titan 18 HX.
  • The Raider 18 HX features a new 3D stand for improved cooling airflow and the recognizable matrix light bar.

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