From Farm to Foodverse: Wingreens Farms and OneRare Unite for a Digital Feast

OneRare is excited to reveal its partnership with Wingreens World – a trailblazing house of new age brands setting new standards of culinary excellence and social empowerment in the food industry. This extraordinary partnership combines the delectable delights of its legacy brand Wingreens Farms’ ethically sourced and better-for-you products with the immersive world of digital collectibles and blockchain technology brought forth by OneRare.

Wingreens NFT Hummus Facos

Over 10 years ago, Wingreens Farms set out to change the status quo. From reimagining the way their food is produced and consumed, to empowering the people who create it, specifically farmers and women from challenging backgrounds. Every ingredient in their dips, sauces, chips, pastas and teas- is made with love, minimally processed, responsibly sourced and better for you!

Since revolutionising the production and consumption of food with innovative products at the front-end, and fostering social impact on the back-end consistently over a decade, Wingreens has remained on the cutting edge. With OneRare, they are introducing 3 of their fan-favourite products as Ingredient NFTs, to food lovers globally through the metaverse.

Wingreens, presents-Original Olive Hummus, Tandoori Sauce and Chipotle Dip as Digital Collectibles to bring the goodness of beloved global & desi flavours, made fun & easily done for home chefs to the Foodverse.

These Ingredient NFTs are definitely in line to become your next obsession, adding new flavours to the OneRare Kitchen and adding the signature Wingreens charm (and great taste) to their 9 irresistible Dish NFTs. Wingreens will launch 9 Dishes based around their Fan-Favourite Products into the Foodverse.

As a family of new age brands, we are always excited by the possibilities unlocked by new technologies. With the Foodverse, we hope to see Wingreens World discovered in a way that’s never been done before, and loved by a whole new set of foodies!” says Vikramaditya Chaudhri, Co-founder, Wingreens World.

Together OneRare & Wingreens are set to unlock a new dimension of culinary delights rooted in love, responsibility, and empowerment.

Collaborating with Wingreens World is a testament to our commitment to showcasing innovative and diverse culinary experiences within the Foodverse. With their dedication to quality and their wide range of delightful products, Wingreens World perfectly aligns with our vision of redefining food exploration. Together, we are thrilled to embark on this flavorful journey and introduce the world to a whole new dimension of culinary delights,” comments Ms Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare

About Wingreens World

Wingreens World was born as a joint creative enterprise between RAW Pressery and Wingreens Farms in early 2021, as a one-stop-shop for all healthier foods & beverages in India. With Wingreens World, the Indian consumer now enjoys a wider range of healthy snacks, beverages, sauces and spreads, spice mixes, specialty bakery, breakfast cereals, non-dairy milk, protein shakes and an assortment of organic staples. Each brand in its house of brands is committed to social impact and sustainability at the backend, while building innovative products at the frontend.

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