Elegar Kerpen, Formerly LEONI India, to Grow 3 Fold after Acquisition by Ravicab Cables

Pune based Elegar Kerpen, estimates 3 fold growth rate after its parent company Ravicab Cables Private Limited acquired LEONI Cable Solutions India Private Limited, with a hundred percent equity stake. Following divestiture by LEONI AG Group in 2022, LEONI India – the Indian subsidiary of the German company that enjoys a century-old vintage in the wire and cable industry, repositioned itself as Elegar Kerpen Kabel India. The brand name Elegar was thoughtfully derived from a combination of the words Electric and Garden or Hub.

Elegar Kerpen, formerly known as LEONI Cable Solutions India, is set to achieve an impressive three-fold growth by 2026-27

The strategic acquisition enabled the Pune-based progressive wire and cable company of Elegar Kerpen to leverage LEONI India’s market expertise in specialized wires and cables in oil and gas, specialty chemicals, refineries, renewable energy segments, and the Indian Railways. Following the acquisition, Elegar inherited the brand name Kerpen, which has a glorious 100-year-old history in the oil and gas segment. This strategic move has enabled Elegar to expand its product line and explore new market territories, including the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, the UK, South East Asia, and Australia, to achieve growth.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Elegar Kerpen, Mr. Hemant K Mehta, shared his thoughts on the acquisition and explained the company’s growth plans, saying, “We are excited upon the completion of this acquisition in 3 months and subsequent rebranding. This acquisition brings world-class equipment, German technology, and trained professional manpower to grow the business three folds by 2026-27, and the synergies it will bring on procurement, sharing best practices, common professional advisors, and customer focus between Elegar Kerpen and Ravicab Cables.”

Ravicab Cables is an experienced specialized cable manufacturer in India with a robust track record of over 20 years in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of wires and cables. The company caters to the varied needs of domestic, industrial, transport applications, and specialty market segments, making it a trusted name in the industry. It harbors two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread over 1.2 lakh square feet and an advanced laboratory equipped to perform all tests according to the mandated national and international standards. Whereas Elegar Kerpen, with a 3,00,000 square feet facility featuring state-of-the-art German quality technology and infrastructure, specializes in designing and manufacturing premium quality cables. Together, the two companies are committed to enhancing their product range and services to add more value to the industry.

Elegar Kerpen was associated with several prestigious projects, including the Atal Tunnel, Reliance Jamnagar refinery, Vande Bharat Express train, Pune Metro Rail, and various Shell Energy projects. As part of its clean energy initiatives, Elegar Kerpen has supplied DC string cables to solar power generation projects with a capacity of 10 GW. The wire and cable manufacturer already enjoys a noticeable presence in Russia, Singapore, UAE, India, and China and is expanding in Europe. The company has recently appointed Business Partners in the UAE and is considering the appointment of partners in other Middle-East countries to enhance its market presence.

As a cable manufacturer with a global presence, Elegar Kerpen is ready to make impactful strides in the wire and cable manufacturing industry by delivering cutting-edge products that meet national and international quality standards. The company will continue to leverage its German technology, infrastructure, and trained manpower to enhance its products and customer service. By pursuing its drive towards innovation and sustainability, Elegar Kerpen will cater to evolving customer needs to achieve its growth and expansion objectives.

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