EfficientIP Continues to Flourish, Expands SEA Presence with Key Partnerships; Growing by 69% Worldwide in 2020

Proving the unique value of network security in helping businesses cope with the ongoing pandemic, leading provider EfficientIP posted 2020 as one of its most successful years on record. EfficientIP, which specializes in network security and automation solutions that utilize DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM), saw 69% overall global growth for the year, and fully doubled its 2020 Q4 numbers from 2019 Q4.

Capitalizing on the region’s bullish 5G strategy, EfficientIP most recently elevated its visibility in Southeast Asia with customers such as FusionNet, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which provides broadband services to enterprises and households nationally in India. In EfficientIP, FusionNet found a solution capable of providing performance, scalability and security required to meet the regulatory and user experience demands amid an expansion strategy.

EfficientIP SOLIDserver DNS are core to the FusionNet service offering, covering North India from New Delhi, and with plans to expand to cities including Lucknow, Kanpur, and Ahmedabad. The resultant jump in traffic will be managed by EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver DNS servers, featuring improved customer satisfaction and strengthening network security.

EfficientIP’s partnership marks a milestone in elevating its presence in Asia to leverage the region’s 5G strategy in its support of telcos to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation. The company has already worked with some of the largest telco players in the region including Telkomsel, and has plans to further its relationship with others in the industry. Subsequently, EfficientIP’s year-on-year bookings growth in APAC was 71%, compared to the previous year.

We’re incredibly proud to be working with companies of this scale and importance,” said Ronan David, VP of Strategy at EfficientIP. “Given the way the global pandemic has changed the nature of work and leisure, network management has become more critical than ever – we’re glad to see these companies recognizing the importance of DDI for helping deliver smart automation and zero-trust security. Our partnerships highlight our focus on elevating our visibility in the region and the evergrowing vitality of the service we provide.”

Nick Itta, Lead, Asia Pacific, EfficientIP, highlighted, “Asia has held the reputation as the hotbed of innovation, opportunity and potential for decades. This pivot to 5G defines the region for the coming decades, as it continues to pave the way in innovations, commercialization and manufacturing for companies. EfficientIP is committed to supporting companies in accelerating transformation, harnessing the benefits of 5G and better supporting consumers in their livelihoods.

Success worldwide has driven EfficientIP to expand its footprint into additional regions. The Middle East saw a 155% growth year-on-year, leading to the creation of a new team for the region. EfficientIP recently created the new role of VP of Sales for the Middle East, a position that current employee Jrme Duffour will fill. Duffour was previously the Technical Manager for Presales Teams. As part of Duffour’s team, EfficientIP has also hired Elie Moubareck as Regional Sales Representative, based in Dubai.

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