Soon, Reliance Jio will introduce the “cloud laptop” in India; it may cost roughly Rs 15,000, according to reports.


  • Reliance Jio uses a cloud laptop for work.
  • Everything on the cloud, including processing and storage, will work with this laptop.
  • It will be an inexpensive laptop that launches in the upcoming months.

According to a recent report, Reliance Jio is preparing to release an inexpensive “cloud laptop” shortly. For the next product, the company is apparently collaborating with laptop makers like HP, Acer, and Lenovo.

Though it differs in that everything would be stored on the cloud, the Jio will probably be comparable to a Chromebook, which runs on ChromeOS and has cloud storage, and doesn’t require a fast chipset or a lot of storage space. In the upcoming months, Jio intends to introduce the device to the public.

Jio cloud laptop

In what way, then, would this laptop be cloud-based? According to a report by The Economic Times, it would essentially be a “dumb terminal” with the majority of the work being done on the Jio Cloud. This would refer to the laptop’s processing and storage capabilities, which would all operate on the cloud. By doing this, the laptop’s price is lowered while using less hardware.

According to the report, which quotes a Jio official, Jio created this cloud laptop to give customers an affordable option. The representative outlined the expenses associated with each piece of hardware, including “memory, processing power, chipset,” and how forgoing all of this would save money. The Jio laptop is reportedly priced at approximately Rs 15,000 in terms of cost.

We’re talking about a significant amount of cloud storage and fast internet access. Jio does intend to provide a monthly cloud subscription; however, the cost has not yet been disclosed. It even intends to allow other users to access cloud storage without requiring them to purchase a Jio laptop.

Its launch is also anticipated to occur in the upcoming months, though a specific date has not yet been set. Currently, Jio is testing its laptop on an HP Chromebook.

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