Battery for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro was spotted on BIS; an India launch is anticipated in July

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, a pinnacle of innovation and style in the world of smartwatches. This cutting-edge timepiece sets a new standard for wearable technology, combining advanced features with a sleek design. With its stunning display, comprehensive health tracking capabilities, and seamless integration with other Samsung devices, the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro offers users an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re monitoring your fitness goals, staying connected on the go, or simply expressing your style, this premium smartwatch delivers in both form and function.

HIGHLIGHTS of Galaxy Watch 7 Pro:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro battery has been spotted at BIS.
  • This means that the new smartwatch will soon be heading to India.
  • Samsung is expected to launch at least three new smartwatches this year.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website has now spotted the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, changing the theory once again. This indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series, expected to launch later this year, may comprise at least three versions, with one rumored to be a ‘Pro’ variant.

 BIS details of Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro:

  • Gadgetzview has spotted The Galaxy Watch 7 Pro at BIS. It’s not the smartwatch but its battery, which has the model number EB-705ABY.
  • The model number associated with the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro battery indicates that the smartwatch is in the works and will be launched in India as well.
  • According to a previous report from Galaxy Club, the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro is expected to pack a 578mAh battery, which may be advertised as a 600mAh battery.
  • This will also give the Wear OS smartwatch the largest battery capacity. Most likely to arrive this year, the Galaxy Watch 7 series is expected to feature the latest version of Wear OS 5.

The Galaxy Watch 7 series could get a new 3nm chip, which is said to increase power efficiency by 50 percent over the Galaxy Watch 6. Samsung has also proposed to give the Galaxy Watch 7 storage space up to 32GB. The new smartwatch is expected to include the Galaxy Watch 7 Classic, Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, and the “new” models. The new smartwatch will be available in Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi+ eSIM variants.

There are also rumors of a more expensive Galaxy Watch called ‘Galaxy Watch FE’ or ‘Galaxy Watch 4 (2024)’. This could be the “new” Galaxy Watch rumored to launch this year.

Samsung usually launches its new smartwatch alongside its new foldable in August. However, speculation suggests that the early launch will drop around the second week of July this year. Samsung’s new foldable and smartwatch are also expected to be launched here.

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