AI smart phone has no apps and relies on AI

HIGHLIGHTS of AI smart phone:

A new smartphone with AI has been unveiled by Deutsche Telekom. This concept phone exclusively uses artificial intelligence (AI) and lacks an app interface.Thus, the AI will carry out tasks for which you would typically need apps.

Smartphone manufacturers are concentrating on AI, and Google isn’t the only company doing this. AI is being used by Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, and other companies in their smartphones. Not only will smartphone OEMs facilitate photo and video editing, but tech companies such as Meta will also facilitate it. Deutsche Telekom has now provided us with a preview of what artificial intelligence in smartphones may look like in the future.

AI smart phone with an app-free interface:

An app-free smartphone design was unveiled by Deutsche Telekom at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2024. Deutsche Telekom, in association with Qualcomm and Brain, has created it. AI  According to a report by Android Authority, this prototype phone does not have any apps installed because it runs entirely on artificial intelligence.

Therefore, consumers will rely on an AI assistant to operate the smartphone in place of any apps. The specifics of how this might be achievable are unclear because the AI may have several constraints. Hence, instead of using apps to run their smartphones, users will rely on an AI helper. The AI may have several limitations, so it’s unclear exactly how this would be possible.

Tasks and functions that would often require two or three apps to complete will be able to be completed by the AI smartphone. Through artificial intelligence (AI), it can perform all daily operations that would typically require many apps on the device and take over the duties of a wide range of apps.

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