According to the report:Infinix GT 20 Pro is launching in India, US and China next month

The Infinix GT 20 Pro is a cutting-edge smartphone that boasts impressive features and performance. With its sleek design and powerful specifications, it stands out as a top contender in the smartphone market. Equipped with a high-resolution display and a fast processor, it offers a seamless user experience for gaming, multitasking, and media consumption. Its advanced camera system ensures stunning photos and videos, making it a versatile companion for capturing life’s moments. In addition, its long-lasting battery ensures that users can stay connected throughout the day without interruption. Overall, the Infinix GT 20 is a premium device that combines style, performance, and functionality to meet the demands of modern users. In this post, we will discuss Highlights, specifications, and design details of the Infinix GT 20 Pro.

HIGHLIGHTS of Infinix GT 20 Pro:

  • According to reports the Infinix GT 20 Pro will be launched very soon.
  • In China and the USA, this may be the first phone to launch.
  • The 8GB and 12GB RAM variants are expected in this phone.

Before the launch of the phone, the phone surfaced on serval websites like Geekbench, FCC, and others. Now according to the latest report the timeline of phones in serval countries. Replacing the GT 10 Pro, which debuted with a transparent back design last year, the GT 20 Pro will showcase significant advancements. Check out the launch details for the forthcoming GT 20 Pro.

Launch timeline of Infinix GT 20 Pro surfaced online:

According to the report from Android Headlines, the phone will be launched in India, China, USA in the next month. However, we don’t know the exact launch date. But the brand will provide the launch date very soon.

specifications of Infinix GT 20 Pro(expected):

A full HD+ display is featured in this phone. and the phone is powered with MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset.8GB and 12GB RAM are the two RAM variants available. The phone runs on Android 14 platform.

According to recent reports, the mobile has a battery capacity of 5,000 Mah and 45W fast charging support. It also has 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 6.

Design of Infinix GT 20 Pro (expected):

Although the Infinix GT 20 Pro’s design is yet unknown, rumors suggest that it may resemble its predecessor. It could have a centered camera hole and a flat-screen with thin bezels. To refresh our memories, let’s examine the Infinix GT 10 Pro’s design.

Infinix refers to the design of the GT 10 as “Cyber-Mecha,” drawing influences from cyberpunk sci-fi aesthetics. The design includes an LED indication next to the camera, imparting a futuristic appearance and creating the illusion that the components are concealed behind a clear plastic back, evoking a sense of three dimensions.

Plastic is also used to make the side frames. Only the camera island, which houses three cameras, a circular LED flash, and an LED indication, protrudes from the flat back of the phone. During gaming, when the phone is charging, and during incoming calls and alerts, the white bars on the rear light up.

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